Being Original With Organic Garden Care

organic garden

When caring for a garden and a home, incorporating organic products and termite treatment phoenix  into the daily care routine of them is not only beneficial to the garden. They can be very beneficial to you as well since you are not handling chemicals that are unhealthy, you are protecting the environment and possibly saving the lives of animals that are good for a garden and keeping unwanted insects and pests out of your home. In fact, some animals assist in the control of pests.

Instead of utilizing pesticides, traps, and deterrents, utilizing animals in the task of pest control is not only a great idea, but one that people have used for years prior to the creation of man-made pest control items. Cats and dogs are two of the animals that help with pest control.

Since cats prey on mice, rats, gophers, and other destructive rodents, they can assist with controlling these pests. Across the United States, programs are being created to save the lives of barn and feral cats that to utilize their assistance in pest control. With the recent reemergence of bed bugs, bed bug sniffing dogs are an essential part in the battle against the fast-paced infestation of these pests. The dogs participate in a training program, that is like the program that trains police dogs, but they learn to sniff out bed bugs instead of bombs and drugs. The dogs are used by a lot of pest control companies in their inspection efforts, since they are said to be faster and more precise in locating the bed bugs in their hiding places. This can save a person that owns a home a lot of money, due to the fact that even if only a few bed bugs are left behind, an infestation can reoccur. Barn owls and birds also help control pests.

in the gardenBarn owls and birds help control the infestation of pests outside. In some places, such as the Lodi District of California, a company that specializes in utilizing natural methods of rodent control (like birds and flying insects supply nesting boxes for barn owls to attract owls to locations that require rodent control. These birds like dark, comfortable, warm, and cozy empty spaces inside buildings. They can handle a lot of noise and commotion close to their nest as long as they do not feel like their physical safety is not directly threatened. Even though some birds are thought of as pests, like song and wild birds, are good for the environment and eat species of pesky species, mainly insects. A few of those pesky insects that are part of their diet are: grasshoppers, web worms, slugs, and some of the moth species. Before thinking about garden pest control, a person needs to know what insects are good for a garden.

The insects that are beneficial to a garden are: dragonflies, frogs, green lacewings, ladybugs, parasitic wasps, slugs, spiders, and woodlice. Dragonflies are good for a garden since they eat mosquitoes. Frogs help control the pest population by eating flies, moths, and flying insects. Lacewings quickly suck dry hundreds of bugs and their eggs. Their larvae are the most predatory and their favorite bugs of choice are: aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers, mites, mealybugs, scale insects, and some moths and caterpillars. They are more reliable than ladybugs when it comes to eating bugs. They are nocturnal and are attracted to light.